Friday, 23 July 2010

Snout Out About Blogs

Well here is my first Snout Out and it is going to feature some jolly good blogs.

When time allows I really enjoy perusing other blogs, they are entertaining, informative and a jolly good read.  It's like reading somebody elses diary, but with their permission!

There are blogs out there about anything and everything and you really could just spend every hour of the day reading them all, but I have listed below just a small selection for you to have a look at when you get a few moments.

Below are just a selection of blogs that have been created by a few of the lovely bloggers I've connected with on twitter.  Please note they are in no particular order, as they are all brilliant!!  So grab yourself a cuppa and enjoy...


and these blogs are currently having giveaways
(not that you need another reason to visit their blogs)

Oh and before I forget here is yesterdays Doodle Schmoodle....


  1. Thank you for snouting about my blog! Tis very much appreciated x

  2. Why thankyou kind Piggy for mentioning my blog ... loving the doddles =o)