Monday, 19 July 2010

Oodles and Oodles of Doodle Schmoodles

Not sure if you know but this little piggy tweets as well as oinks, yep you can also find me over on twitter.  Well anyway, whilst tweeting this morning I came across a post from Hotdogandme which took me to a blog post about Doodle Schmoodles

Brilliant I thought, I shall take part in this doodling challenge, and I will post all of my Doodle Schmoodles on this blog.  Yes that's right I want to share my lack of artistic skills with all of you - aren't you the luck ones!!

So please do marvel at today's offering, its all about Me, Me, Me....

See aren't you all glad I decided to get doodling, well there is more to follow over the next month, oh sorry did I forget to mention I will be doing this every day for 30 days - ha ha - enjoy!!!

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