Friday, 23 July 2010

Snout Out About Blogs

Well here is my first Snout Out and it is going to feature some jolly good blogs.

When time allows I really enjoy perusing other blogs, they are entertaining, informative and a jolly good read.  It's like reading somebody elses diary, but with their permission!

There are blogs out there about anything and everything and you really could just spend every hour of the day reading them all, but I have listed below just a small selection for you to have a look at when you get a few moments.

Below are just a selection of blogs that have been created by a few of the lovely bloggers I've connected with on twitter.  Please note they are in no particular order, as they are all brilliant!!  So grab yourself a cuppa and enjoy...


and these blogs are currently having giveaways
(not that you need another reason to visit their blogs)

Oh and before I forget here is yesterdays Doodle Schmoodle....

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Hobby Horse

Day Three of the Doodle Schmoodle Challenge and it's all about hobbies.  

When time allows, in between looking after the family and running the business, you will find me pootling around the local area on a horse.  So that had to be the main focus of my doodle today.  Typical, I would have a hobby that requires me to draw a horse, not an easy task, hence this....

Yes, ok I know it looks like it has been drawn by a child, but I can honestly say that this pathetic attempt of a picture was drawn by me.  I will happily put my hand up and say that art is not my strong point!

So what can be classed as a hobby?  Well according to Wikipedia.....

A hobby is an activity or interest that is undertaken for pleasure or relaxation, typically done during one's leisure time. that case perhaps I should have included drinking wine and eating chocolate on my doodle schmoodle!

So what are the most popular hobbies to have?  Well after searching the web and finding a very useful site about hobbies, it appears that these are the top five:-

          1.  Reading
          2.  Watching TV
          3.  Family Time
          4.  Going to Movies
          5.  Fishing

Why not head over to the website and see if your hobby features on the list of the Top 50 Most Popular Hobbies.

Want to find a new hobby?  Check out this website for links to pages and pages of ideas for hobbies. 

Or you could always book yourself on one of Squeaky Pig's Gift Experiences if you fancy trying a new sport or hobby, that way you can get to try it out first before having to commit to purchasing all the gear you may require.  With over 400 experiences to choose from you are bound to find something you'd like to try and perhaps take up as a new hobby!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Ahoy Me Hearties

Arrr land lubbers, it's Day Two of the Doodle Schmoodle Challenge and it's a life at sea for me, as today's doodle was entitled 'My Pirate Self'.

Well all this pirate talk got me searching for pirate themed websites, yes there are pirate websites out there!  So the first one I came across lets you find your pirate name.  So of course, as I was trying become a pirate for my doodle I had to find out my name, so I am 'Anne the Cutthroat' - Arrr!!

Shiver Me Timbers! Did you know that it is 'International Talk Like a Pirate Day' on 19th September - yep that's right for all you closet pirates, this your chance to put on your best pirate accent and Arrr as much as you like! 

And for all those little pirates out there, why not take a look at this website.  Lots of pirate activities to keep them occupied over the summer holidays.

Looking forward to the next doodle!!

Monday, 19 July 2010

Oodles and Oodles of Doodle Schmoodles

Not sure if you know but this little piggy tweets as well as oinks, yep you can also find me over on twitter.  Well anyway, whilst tweeting this morning I came across a post from Hotdogandme which took me to a blog post about Doodle Schmoodles

Brilliant I thought, I shall take part in this doodling challenge, and I will post all of my Doodle Schmoodles on this blog.  Yes that's right I want to share my lack of artistic skills with all of you - aren't you the luck ones!!

So please do marvel at today's offering, its all about Me, Me, Me....

See aren't you all glad I decided to get doodling, well there is more to follow over the next month, oh sorry did I forget to mention I will be doing this every day for 30 days - ha ha - enjoy!!!

This Little Piggy Says....

Welcome to the brand spanking new Squeaky Pig Blog 'This Little Piggy Says...'

This is a brand new venture for me, well when I say new, I admit I have made one half heartedly attempt at this before, but from now on in I am going to go make an effort and actually post on this blog... promise!

To ensure that I stick to this I have made myself a 'Blog Plan' (yes thats how committed I am to this) and have set myself some goals and rules to follow.  Now I won't go into the boring detail of this plan, but I have created a list of categories I will blog about..
  • Curly Tales - this is where I just generally have a natter and update you on what I have been doing
  • Random Rants - think the title explains this one.  Every so often I may need a rant about one thing or another, so bear with me on that, shall try not to do it too often.
  • Snout Out - this is where I'll tell you about any products, blogs, websites, books, films and generally give it a shout out, sorry I mean snout out.
  • Pigaways - Squeaky Pig Giveaways, sometimes I when feeling generous I will give stuff away - I'm good like that!
  • Pigtures - I shall add lots and lots of images and photos, throughout my blog.  So for those of you who can't be bothered to read what I blog about, there will be some lovely pigtures for you to look at.
  • Globe Trotters - if there is anything from overseas to mention, it shall be known as a Globe Trotter post.
This list is not written in stone, (it's in ink on my notepad), so am sure I shall also post about other things that don't sit neatly into one of these categories, but you hopefully get an idea of where I am going with this blog.

So there you go, my introduction to this blog is now am blogging off (but only temporarily as have another post to do)!  Yep I know, another one so soon, but it has been a busy day here in the sty and I have stuff to tell you about!