Monday, 19 July 2010

This Little Piggy Says....

Welcome to the brand spanking new Squeaky Pig Blog 'This Little Piggy Says...'

This is a brand new venture for me, well when I say new, I admit I have made one half heartedly attempt at this before, but from now on in I am going to go make an effort and actually post on this blog... promise!

To ensure that I stick to this I have made myself a 'Blog Plan' (yes thats how committed I am to this) and have set myself some goals and rules to follow.  Now I won't go into the boring detail of this plan, but I have created a list of categories I will blog about..
  • Curly Tales - this is where I just generally have a natter and update you on what I have been doing
  • Random Rants - think the title explains this one.  Every so often I may need a rant about one thing or another, so bear with me on that, shall try not to do it too often.
  • Snout Out - this is where I'll tell you about any products, blogs, websites, books, films and generally give it a shout out, sorry I mean snout out.
  • Pigaways - Squeaky Pig Giveaways, sometimes I when feeling generous I will give stuff away - I'm good like that!
  • Pigtures - I shall add lots and lots of images and photos, throughout my blog.  So for those of you who can't be bothered to read what I blog about, there will be some lovely pigtures for you to look at.
  • Globe Trotters - if there is anything from overseas to mention, it shall be known as a Globe Trotter post.
This list is not written in stone, (it's in ink on my notepad), so am sure I shall also post about other things that don't sit neatly into one of these categories, but you hopefully get an idea of where I am going with this blog.

So there you go, my introduction to this blog is now am blogging off (but only temporarily as have another post to do)!  Yep I know, another one so soon, but it has been a busy day here in the sty and I have stuff to tell you about!

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  1. Hello and Welcome to Blog-land!
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