Saturday, 22 January 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful - Part 1

Sometimes I just forget how lucky I am, so to help me remember why I should be grateful for all the fantastic things in my life I thought I would join  Mummy from the Heart's Blog Hop  - Reasons to be Cheerful!

So this is this weeks Reasons to be Cheerful are...

  • I have got back in the saddle this week (after a week's break due to illness).  It is so relaxing viewing the countryside on horseback.  I definitely am very cheerful about having the opportunity to ride every week.
  • I have been invited to an interview for a part-time position that I have applied for (so will keep my fingers crossed for that interview).
  • My children always make me cheerful (well except when they are fighting), but this week the one thing that stands out is that during the time that I was ill and stuck in bed, both my son and daughter regularly came to check on me and to ask if I was feeling better, which definitely made me feel warm and fuzzy inside, despite feeling ill.
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